Fuji in da haus

↑Sony A7RII, Voigtlander Close Focus Adapter VM/E, Jupiter-9 85mm F2

Some gear porn for you. I own Fuji camera. Again. I had first generation X100 and now I’m getting back to it in fourth generation – X100F + 50mm FOW adapter (TCL-X100 II).

This newcomer is triggered by constant search of perfect tool (yes I know, film cameras are perfect 🙂 and yes I know there is no perfect digital camera); in short – while I love results of my Sony A7rII system, I’m thinking about throwing it out of the window each other day, because of ergonomics, slowness and quirkiness. On the other hand, I expect that X100F will give me way better user experience, but IQ, mostly “creaminess” of files will be a bit lower.

Only time will tell, but so far this change is very refreshing.

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