Yashica bokeh test shots bw

↑Yashica Mat-124 G, Ilford Delta 3200

Got my hands on pristine condition Yashica Mat-124 G TLR camera. What a beauty! First things first – put Ilford Delta 3200 film into it and went a round of tests around house. On innitial tests I was concentrated on bokeh and made shots with wide open aperture. More results after brake.

I ran two rolls of film at the moment of this post. Here are my initial observations:

  • Picture quality is outstanding: there is plenty of sharpness even from  wide open lens, bokeh is smooth and dreamy, and then there is that indescribable medium format magic shining trough each frame.
  • Its such a pleasure to compose square format. Love it.
  • Camera is well made and easy to use. But feeling of quality is not un pair with my other MF camera – Mamiya 645 1000s.
  • There are some usage quirks and strange design decisions (like for example when you look shutter release, you can still make photo with remote cable attached, or other – if you set flash sync on M and use self timer – shutter will lock and you will be going to service).
  • Viewfinder is big, but its more suited for good light. I struggled in dark conditions – so this will be my camera for daytime. Mamiya’s 645 1000s WF is miles ahead in brightness and easiness to focus both in good light and available darkness.

So thats it for now. Will get back with other shots and thoughts.

↑Yashica Mat-124 G, Ilford Delta 3200


↑Yashica Mat-124 G, Ilford Delta 3200

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