Light tunnel

↑Pentax MZ-S, SMC Pentax-FA 31mm 1.8 AL Limited, Kodak Portra 400

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2 thoughts on “Light tunnel

  1. Peter Mayer says:


    I am quite impressed of your short review of the Yasuhara T 981.
    I habe purchased the same camera from Lomography shop with an Tessar type Yasuhara Lens 2,8 50 mm.
    The Lens ist really very sharp, but I mainly use a Jupiter 8 2,0 50 mm, a Russian Sonnar clone Lens of resonably good quality.

    I am very impressed of your photos. My work can bei seen in

    • Aivaras says:

      Hi! Thank You!
      That Jupiter 8 should be a lot of fun. Would like to see your results with it.
      There is something wrong with IG link, you provided.

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