Pencil II

↑Yashica Mat-124 G, Kodak Portra 400

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3 thoughts on “Pencil II

  1. Hi there. I just wanted to comment that I love the work you are creating with the Yashica Mat 124g. I too love using that camera. Can you give me an idea of your scanning method. I am always trying to sort out how to get the absolute best results. If you get a chance please have a look at my site and tell me your thoughts.

    • Aivaras says:

      Thanks! You have cool site; I like what you create. The places you visit to make photos are outstanding, I’m jealous :).
      Now for scanning. For 120 film I use pro lab, that develops and scans. The result I get from them are very “flat” files that look dull, but have maximum information both in shadows and highlights, then I edit them in Lightroom – that takes a bit time.

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